Justin Miller

"Using bioinformatics to solve the world's problems"



When I became an amateur radio operator, I was assigned a call sign of KE7GTS. For several years, I used this call sign to check into an emergency response communications network in the Pacific Northwest. Besides simply buying radios, I participated as a communications specialist in parades, learned Morse code, talked with fellow "ham" operators around the world, strung several antennas through our back woods, and upgraded my license to a General class. Since moving to Utah, I haven't been able to keep up on Morse code; but, I still have my radio and I dream of setting up an antennae again.

Why Bioinformatics?

When I was in high school, I spent an afternoon scrolling through every major that was offered at BYU, and I thought that they all sounded really boring. Then, the word, "bioinformatics" caught my eye. I'd never heard of bioinformatics, and I was intrigued. As I learned more about the potential that bioinformatics has to solve all of the biological challenges in the world, I knew that I needed to pursue that major. So, without any formal training in biology, statistics, or computer science, I leapt headfirst into bioinformatics! Well, three years of university training later, I graduated and went on to graduate school. After another year as a PhD student, I am certain that I made the right choice. I love bioinformatics, and I am convinced that I have the tools to cure diseases, discover novel relationships between different species, and uncover the mysteries of the natural world. I believe in the power of bioinformatics so much that I am currently working on my PhD in bioinformatics from BYU. I hope to graduate by 2019.

Fun Things I have been doing:

My family is doing very well. We enjoy being together and helping each other out. Oliver has grown a lot in the past year, and Lunna is doing very well with her schoolwork.

Fun Things I will be doing:

Ever since I was young, each year we would  go to a wonderful hot springs resort in Anaconda, Montana. This year, the hot water is still calling my name! This will be the first year that baby Oliver will be able to bask in the warm water with us. We are all very excited to continue this family tradition.


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