To my dear Elisandra Miller on Valentine's Day,


Looking back on the past couple of years, I remember all of the fun times that we've shared together, all of the memories that we've made together, and all of the laughs that we've had together. Whenever I see you, my heart jumps the same way it did when we first met. I know that our love will continue to grow for the rest of our lives, just as I know that I will always love you, Elisandra!

We've spent many hours together looking at the professional pictures that were taken at our wedding and at Disney World and for special occasions, but today I want to remind you of the other moments that we've shared together when it wasn't quite as formal.


While our honeymoon in the Grand Canyon was fun, it was only the beginning of our adventures together. Perhaps you remember some of the fun that we had in the fall at our first house...

After I dug you out of the pile of leaves, we had many other great adventures ahead of us. I remember going up the mountain and just having fun being with you.

Alright, safely home, I guess there were a couple other more mundane things that we needed to do...

Have I mentioned that I really love you? Everything that we do together is fun and exciting.

Ok, I guess I can't resist putting in a few wedding pictures. It was too special to forget!

Well, honey, I just want to wish you a happy Valentine's day, and remind you of all of the amazing times that we've shared together. In case you've thought that this whole presentation was a little cheesy, I added a picture of each of us below to keep us grounded. Love you!




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